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Mission & vision

We are passionate about what we do
and providing excellent service for our clients!

It is the mission of Engineered Equipment to educate the customer on all aspects of the equipment, products, and services we represent and provide a level of support in installation, preventative maintenance, and service that is unparalleled in Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas.

Our Mission

Our Mission


Quality Relationships

Our success is based on cultivating and growing solid relationships with our clients. We maintain a mutual respect with our clients based upon their needs, the needs of their clients and the desire of all to deliver quality solutions for the functionality demanded of HVAC systems in providing comfortable environments to the end users.


Total Customer Service

We take great pride in knowing our clients view the Engineered Equipment team as the first line of support during installation and long after our systems and equipment have been installed. We are accessible, responsive, and a welcome familiar face in a timeless relationship built on trust and reliance. We pride ourselves on providing our team with a quality work environment and that positive experience for them is passed on in the form of superior customer service for our customers.


An Inspired Team

From our engineering sales staff to our project managers and service technicians, we hire independent decision makers who are highly involved in every project they undertake. Our team is a group of individuals who are well-trained and engaged in continuous learning activities so they maintain the status of leaders in an industry that is constantly changing with technological advances and a need to protect our environment with “green” solutions.

Client Education

We recognize the need for our clients to be as educated as our team on the latest developments in the industry and the ability to maintain the operations of their equipment. It is our responsibility to assist in that effort. Through symposiums, factory tours, and on-site training sessions, we are committed to cultivating an educated client base.

Available Inventory

We know our job does not end with the sale of the systems or equipment, that is why we offer a service department with a well-stocked inventory of aftermarket products. Our available inventory allows our service technicians to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently. We understand your system must be up and running for the maximum comfort and satisfaction of your clients.

Maximum Profitability

At Engineered Equipment we recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy financial bottom line. We are committed to providing solutions within the client’s budget and that produce cost effective returns at the point of installation and throughout the life of the system.