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Watson McDaniel UTS600 Series: Universal Connector Steam Trap Test Valve Station

Watson McDaniel UTS600 Series: Universal Connector Steam Trap Test Valve Station

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Watson McDaniel has a solution for decreasing installation and maintenance time for your steam trap applications as well as reducing the number of possible leak points within your steam system.

Watson McDaniel has a solution for decreasing installation and maintenance time for your steam trap applications as well as reducing the number of possible leak points within your steam system.

The UTS600 Series is a Stainless-Steel Connector which remains permanently in-line allowing steam trap modules to be replaced in minutes. Integral isolation valves and trap test valve allow for simple trap testing to determine the status of the operation. The UTS600 can be installed in vertical or horizontal piping and is available in 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” threaded (NPT), socket weld (SW), and flanged (FLG) connections for use on drip service on steam mains and steam supply lines tracing, or for small process equipment. Industrial standard 2-bolt universal connectors are commonly used in chemical plants, petrochemical refineries, paper mills, and other industrial facilities. The UTS600 conforms to industrial standards, making it compatible with other manufacturers’ universal steam trap modules.


  • Universal connector with 2-bolt mounting allows for fast, easy replacement of trap module making it more cost-effective than replacing conventional type steam traps
  • Typical installation of the separate components requires up to 10 connections, The UTS600 only requires 2.
  • Integral piston-style valves allow for reliable isolation of trap module for testing and replacement
  • All Stainless-Steel construction
  • Trap module can rotate 360º on the universal connector allowing any orientation during installation
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ trap modules
  • Available with integral strainer and blowdown valve


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