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Benefits of Properly Sizing Your Pilot-Operated Steam Regulating Valve

Benefits of Properly Sizing Your Pilot-Operated Steam Regulating Valve

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Benefits of Properly Sizing Your Pilot-Operated Steam Regulating Valve

Pilot-operated Steam Regulating Valves are used on a variety of applications for pressure reduction or controlling product temperature. The Pilot-operated regulators are more accurate, available in higher capacities than Direct-Operated regulators and can be fitted with numerous types and styles of pilot valves. Even with these advantages, if not sized properly your Pilot-operated can become more of a hindrance rather than a valued asset.

A Pilot-operated steam regulating valve should be sized based upon upstream and downstream pressures, velocity and the minimum, maximum and normal flow requirements of the application, not upon system pipe size. Undersized, or oversized, valves can mean poor control accuracy, under or over the shooting of desired set point, noise and/or the premature wear of components.

A properly sized Pilot-operated steam regulating valve can benefit you in many respects. First, it will optimize control which leads to reduced steam consumption, lower steam production costs, and improved application efficiency. Secondly, it will prolong the life of the equipment reducing unplanned downtime for maintenance.

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