Taco is pleased to announce that the CI and FI End Suction Pump lines will be expanding with the addition of the FI2013 and CI2013 models. These new 3” x 2” flanged pumps will incorporate the latest model features along with the high performance, efficiency and reliability that make Taco a leader in energy efficient HVAC design.

Pump Performance curves, Submittal Data sheets, and Replacement Parts sheets are available on the Taco website.

FI Pump

The FI2013 and CI2013 models are now added to the Taco’s Project Builder and Product Selection Apps.

If you would like more information regarding the FI2013 or CI2013 please contact Hydronic Systems at 405.528.7867 in OKC, 918.382.6978 in OKC, 479.310.5404 in Arkansas or visit the Taco website