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Built in America takes a close look at Taco’s dedication to its 500-plus American employees, manufacturing, and the HVAC market the company served in the show’s first episode on Fox.

20Q-John-Hazen-White“With Taco’s workforce, we built this company together,” says Mr. White. “This is the foundation for Taco’s success and steadfast allegiance to maintaining manufacturing here in the U.S.,” he adds.

“Others are so quick to move [manufacturing] offshore,” he says, “but we have a great workforce, country, and ideas … and with America’s leadership in innovation, it’s only right to sustain our workforce here in the USA.”

“Built in America” also highlights Taco’s new Innovation and Development Center, a state-of-the-art, LEED gold, teaching and research laboratory built chiefly to educate and train industry professionals.

“We invest deeply in our employees, the industry, and our customers,” concludes White.

For more on Taco, its history, employee training and more, please download, “The Taco Difference.”

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