Smardt chillers will soon be celebrating its one year anniversary with Hydronic Systems and the Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas markets. It’s only appropriate that Marcos Awad, P.E., sales application engineer for North America, would make a stop in Oklahoma City to mark the occasion.

Awad will be available to meet with engineers and discuss how his oil-free centrifugal chillers have made the manufacturer a leader in energy efficiency. Smardt chillers drive down the whole life cost of ownership while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint of the end user.

The air cooled chiller line offers the smallest footprint, the quietest operation in both standard and low-noise configurations and the highest air-cooled operating efficiencies on the market. Condenser coils use a W configuration to optimize heat rejection and footprint. Coils are baked and double-coated with sealed edges to extend the coil’s physical protection from environmental corrosion towards the inherent long life of the other chiller components.

Marcos Awad with Hydronic Systems, Inc Outside Sales Team Members

Marcos Awad with team members from the outside sales team of Hydronic Systems, Inc.

Water cooled chillers are designed for a 30-year operating life and boasts some of the lowest lifetime operating costs in the market. Features include no oil, flooded shell-and-tube evaporation, low power consumption, low maintenance costs that drop further with remote monitoring and high reliability and only one main moving part.

The simplicity of the design and operation is reflected in the low operating costs. Integration with the PowerPax electronic expansion valves and optional use of load balancing valves at very low loads enhances the appeal of this product line.

Smardt was founded in Montreal, Canada in 2005 to focus on oil-free centrifugal chillers and has since become the world leader in oil-free chiller efficiency. The Smardt Chiller Group was established to maximize the customer benefits of the Turbocor oil-free centrifugal compressor technology in chiller performance.

To schedule an appointment with Marcos Awad, call the Oklahoma City office at (405) 528-7867 or the Tulsa office at (918) 382-6978.