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Marcos Awad, P.E., Sales Application Engineer for North America, of Smardt, Inc., the newest manufacturer of quality HVAC equipment to join the Hydronic Systems family, made stops in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in September to get acquainted with local engineers and shed light on why the company’s line of air cooled chillers is a “Smardt” choice.

Several local design engineers had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Awad and learn more about the new technology that brings together energy-efficiency, simplified maintenance and money savings to create the optimal choice for end users in the market for a chiller.

The first week of September, design engineers from PSA Consulting Engineers, Inc, ZHRD, Craft & Tull Engineering, Harman Engineering and MPW Engineers were able to learn more about the high-performance, air-cooled and water-cooled, oil-free centrifugal chiller system that utilizes the latest technology in compressors from Danfoss Turbocor Compressors, Inc.

“The biggest advantage of the Smardt chiller is that with oil free technology the heat transfer and efficiencies are vastly improved with an added bonus of lower noise and vibration. It offers air-cooled equipment with a very small footprint, quiet operation and reduced maintenance. I also like the flexibility of using smaller, modular chillers to achieve the HVAC design and provide some “standby” operation,” said Jeni Fair of PSA Consulting Engineers who met with Hydronic Systems and Mr. Awad.

The Hydronic Systems staff also scheduled time for professional development sessions on the complete line of Smardt products. “We feel strongly that if we are going to properly serve the engineers in our local market and help bring the best solutions to their clients that we need to be well-informed about the products we represent. As a team we are quite impressed with the water-cooled chillers that are scheduled to be placed in Tulsa on the downtown library project,” said Mark Boozer, president of Hydronic Systems.

“The city-county library building needed a system that would provide the most efficiency available on the market and the Smardt Maglev Centrifugal Chillers met those needs very nicely,” commented Brian Boozer, vice president of Hydronic Systems and sales engineer on the project.

Smardt, Inc. and Hydronic Systems share a strong commitment to promoting and placing applied engineered solutions in the local markets of Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas. “I enjoyed coming to the state of Oklahoma and meeting the highly-qualified and knowledgeable design engineers. I found they are all looking for the very best solutions for their own clients. Energy efficiency; easy, low-cost maintenance, and a concern for the environment are all important to them and Smardt delivers in those areas,” commented Mr. Awad.

Another advantage Smardt has in the manufacturing of its chillers is that many of the individuals involved in the design of the Danfoss Turbocor oil-free centrifugal compressor are part of the Smardt team. “We have so many years of experience in oil free compressor technology, both inside and out, and that is why we currently the number one chiller manufacturer for the oil free centrifugal chillers worldwide,” said Mr.Awad

To learn more about Smardt air cooled and water cooled chillers, contact Hydronic Systems at (405) 528-7867 in Oklahoma City, (918) 382-6978 in Tulsa or (479) 310-5404 in Arkansas, or visit for a brochure. If you would like to talk with Mr. Awad personally, Hydronic Systems will set up by-appointment video chat sessions.

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