Back to school can be one of the most hectic times of the year for any family.  The days are beginning to get shorter, schedules are changing, new after-school activities are starting up and everyone has to adjust to a different lifestyle.  Hydronic Systems has been helping schools provide “comfortable”  learning environments for students and teachers for more than 15 years and this fall is no exception.

Our Oklahoma City branch has been working feverishly to prepare two schools, Plaza Towers and John Rex Charter, for the 2014 school year.  Plaza Towers Elementary in Moore, Okla. will welcome back its students and staff with open arms to rebuilt school. The school was destroyed in the 2013 May 20th EF5 tornado.  Hydronic Systems was happy to be part of the rebuilding.  Everyone worked hard to be sure the students will be able to concentrate on school work instead of being too hot or too cold with the help of a Camus Dynaforce Condensing Boiler.  John Rex Charter Elementary School will open its doors to students and teachers for the first time this fall. The Aerco Boiler system.placed by Hydronic Systems will help make the new school a welcoming place for the students and teachers.

Our Tulsa location is currently working to install Aerco boilers for three Tulsa area schools.  Edison Preparatory School, Booker T Washington High School and the Margaret Hudson Program.  Edison Preparatory will be installing the first two Aerco Benchmark 6000 Boilers in Oklahoma.  All three locations are upgrading their current systems to increase their energy efficiency and longevity.

One of the main things to keep in mind as back to school madness kicks in, is that fall is a time when the weather is constantly changing, and it can be extremely beneficial to keep your systems in check.  Contact our service department today at 405.606.3600 in Oklahoma City, 479.310.5404 in Tulsa or 918.862.0052 in Arkansas to schedule a system check before the weather changes and you are stuck in the cold.

No matter what your back to school heating and cooling needs, the professionals at Hydronic Systems, Inc. are here to help take the stress and worry out of heating and cooling the school building so the school leaders can concentrate on educating our children.