Not quite a year into the launch of the AERCO AM (Advanced Modular) Series Water Heater and Boiler System, Hydronic Systems has introduced the product to Oklahoma. The Parke assisted living center in Tulsa is the first facility in the state to install the equipment.

“AERCO introduced this system back in February and we were looking for the right environment locally to install the first AM Boiler Series. With its unique modular design, the series offers all the features desired by end users and associated with AERCO’s high standards,” said Robert Boozer, Sales Engineer for Hydronic Systems in Tulsa.

The modular design of the AM series has many distinct advantages and is based on a multiple, independent module design where each module has its own independent gas valve, blower, burner and combustion controls and safeties to provide the security of a multiple boiler plant with the simplicity of a single boiler installation. “Building owners realize utility cost savings because the system has the ability to fire one or more modules independently as needed to maintain a comfortable environment. The system also has a much smaller footprint as it boasts a design that is fully serviceable from the front of the unit, thus requiring zero side clearance upon installation,” explained Boozer.

Don East, part owner of The Parke assisted living center indicated their maintenance manager proposed purchasing the AERCO AM Boiler Series. “He identified a problem with our old boilers and indicated they were starting to fail. After analyzing the situation, he recommended we talk to Hydronic Systems about using this product because it was more sophisticated and efficient.”

East reports the building owners are pleased with the system. With the January temperatures in Oklahoma starting to dip into single digits, the new system will soon be put to the test.

Hydronic Systems worked with Air Comfort, Inc. in Jenks, Okla. to install the system. “We replaced the old boilers with the new AM Series Boiler system. These are really nice systems and much more user friendly than I have seen from AERCO’s competition,” said Jason Blevins, a project manager for Air Comfort, Inc.

Two module systems were installed in the assisted living center. The main unit is a 1000 MBH/hr, four module system and the backup unit is a 750 MBH/hr, three module system. “What is really nice about the system is the overall ease of use. A lot of systems are complicated but the set up and startup on this system was very straight forward, especially for a high-efficiency boiler system. The user-friendly aspects of this system will be beneficial to the building owners,” commented Blevins.

The new AM series also works well with the heat pump system The Parke currently has. With the ability to maintain the temperature within a few degrees and warm the water quickly if needed, the module system will save The Parke a good deal of money in utility costs. The staged module system will allow the boilers to operate as redundant units on themselves, nearly eliminating downtime. If there is ever an issue or problem with one of the independent firing modules, it does not affect the operation of the others in the unit.

To learn more about the AERCO AM Series Water Heater and Boiler units, contact Hydronic Systems at 918-382-6978 in Tulsa, 405-528-7867 in Oklahoma City and 479-310-5404 in Arkansas, or visit the AERCO website.