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Mark is the president and founder of Hydronic Systems, Inc. He founded the company on Halloween in 1997. It’s been a bag of treats ever since.

You could say engineering solutions in the heat and air industry runs thick in the Boozer blood. Growing up, he spent summers following his father, an engineering sales rep for the Trane Company, from job site to job site. He now runs Hydronic Systems with his brother and son. After graduating from college, Mark once again followed in his father’s footsteps as he began his career in engineering sales at Trane. He also worked for Boone & Boone in Tulsa and United Mechanical of Charlotte. During his career he developed a great depth of knowledge in the areas of applied system equipment utilizing chillers, boilers and pumps and the relationship building skills necessary to successfully work with consulting engineers.

In addition to operating the company, Mark is responsible for providing sales support to engineers and contractors and keeping them informed about the products Hydronic Systems represents. He provides support from the time the equipment is ordered until it is up and running. He also works with facility management teams to find system strategies that provide the best solutions for their buildings. Mark’s expertise is on the hydronic side which compliments the expertise of Rick Simons, his Oklahoma City sales partner, on the air side.

Mark’s enthusiasm and ability to always be looking ahead for the next and best solution in heat and air distribution is what launched the successful venture that is now Hydronic Systems. As he was contemplating a career change, he created a business plan and shared it with representatives of TACO Hydronic Systems & Components. They immediately signed him on as a manufacturing sales rep. He soon began operating as a manufacturing sales rep for AERCO and Watson McDaniel, as well.  Hydronic Systems represents all three of these top HVAC manufacturers today plus more than 20 manufacturers.

Always looking toward the future and how he can add value to the Hydronic Systems brand for his customers, let Mark to recently expand into the controls business. Now Hydronic Systems is a full service HVAC manufacturing sales representative company offering sales, service and aftermarket products in HVAC equipment and controls. He often says he now isn’t just in the HVAC business, but the HCVAC business – heating, cooling, ventilation, air quality and controls business.

Mark has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.  He has been married to his wife, Anne, for more than 30 years and they have two grown twin sons. Robert works alongside Mark at Hydronic Systems in engineering sales at the Tulsa office and John is an attorney in Oklahoma City. Mark enjoys home renovations, wood working, electronics and walking for exercise.

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