The Hardesty Family Foundation recently celebrated the grand opening of a new domestic violence shelter in the Tulsa area. The project was unique in that the 60,000 sq. ft. building has all the features and uses of a commercial building, but required the look and feel of a comfortable, serene home environment. “It was very humbling to be part of a project that provides a much needed service to area families. Because of the services offered, the special needs of the building owner were very important to everyone who worked on the project. Overcoming the challenge of designing a system with the characteristics of a residential HVAC system in a commercial building was a top priority,” said Robert Boozer, sales engineer for Hydronic Systems.

The facility houses both office and residential spaces. It is the desire of the foundation and those who work at the Domestic Violence Intervention Services center that clients be welcomed into an environment that has the feel of comfort and safety. “The challenge was multifaceted. Not only did we need the equipment to fit into the surroundings much like residential units do, but we also had to have a control system that would allow for the monitoring and control of a system that functions like a commercial system as opposed to a residential one,” commented Boozer.

The iWorx controls system was the best solution for the DVIS center to achieve cost effective control over the building’s energy system that supports a wide range of performance in a building housing usage areas that range from office space to sleeping quarters. Different parts of the building are also in use at different times of the day and night. The iWorx control systems was able to accommodate all the building owner’s needs.

Visit the iWorx page of the TACO-HVAC website to learn more about the iWorx control system or call Hydronic Systems in Oklahoma City at 405.528.7867, in Tulsa at 918.982.6978 or in Arkansas at 479.310.5404.



In the May 2015 edition of the Water Worx newsletter, Hydronic Systems, Inc. published the incorrect picture depicting the Hardesty Family Foundation DVIS Emergency Shelter.  The picture originally published was of Hardesty Hall at The University of Tulsa. Water Worx would like to apologize to both The University of Tulsa and the Hardesty Family Foundation.