For this past year Hydronic Systems was fortunate to be part of a group of engineering and construction professionals responsible for remodeling one of Oklahoma’s most visible landmarks. The historic McDonald’s Glass House Restaurant that spans over the Will Rogers Turnpike (I-44) at the Vinita, Okla. service center has welcomed visitors to the great state of Oklahoma since 1957. This stop also has provided eastbound travelers the opportunity to stretch their legs, fill up the gas tank and grab a bite to eat at one of the world’s largest McDonald’s before leaving the state.

In early 2013, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority approved a $14.6 million remodel that began in July 2013. This was the first extensive update and remodel of the facility since it originally opened. The project began in the summer of 2013 and reopened as the Will Rogers Glass House just before Christmas 2014. It was a complete tear down and remodel. The bridge itself is the only original part of the structure that was not torn down. Both anchor buildings on either side of the bridge, both gas stations, and the McDonald’s, Subway restaurant, gift shop and convenience stores are all new.

MCD Rendering Day

“This project was very notable for Hydronic Systems because we were able to sell the Turnpike Authority the complete package of equipment and a controls system. The advantage to the building owner is that as both the equipment supplier and controls subcontractor, we were able to create and install a complete controlled HVAC system. When we finished this project, everything was in sync between the equipment and controls just how we wanted it for the benefit of the occupants and building owner,” said Brian Boozer, vice president and sales engineer for the Tulsa office of Hydronic Systems.

Hydronic Systems installed four Camus DynaMax boilers, an iWorx control system and all of the hydronic equipment from buffer tanks and expansion tanks to air separators from Taco. The DynaMax HS boilers are gas fired condensing units that will provide the building owner with up to 97 percent efficiency when heating and cooling the building. The iWorx controls system is a flexible, easily-scalable management, monitoring and control system that will allow for remote monitoring and control over the system when needed.

Allowing Hydronic Systems to operate as the equipment supplier and contractor on the controls system for the 29,000 plus-square-foot structure will provide for a highly efficient and quality heat and air system. The building tenants and owner are able to control and maintain a comfortable environment of their choosing.

The next time you are traveling the Will Rogers Turnpike near Vinita, take the time to stop and enjoy the new facility that has long been one of Oklahoma’s most welcoming landmarks for the weary traveler. Also, take the time to appreciate the “comfort” Hydronic Systems left behind for your enjoyment.