As of January 26, 2015, Hydronic Systems, Inc., is proud to announce its new partnerships with Marlo, Inc. and Miller Leaman as the official manufacturer’s representative for Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.

The staff at Marlo, Inc. has more than 150 years of combined experience in the manufacturing and marketing of water treatment equipment. Located in Racine, Wis. on Lake Michigan, the company was founded by Fred and Mike Glines in 1973. The initial focus of Marlo, Inc. was the domestic water conditioning dealer marketplace. To present a full line business profile to customers, Marlo, Inc. expanded into the commercial and industrial market to offer light and medium commercial softeners and filters in 1976. Marlo’s commercial and industrial water treatment equipment has been installed in hundreds of hospitals, schools, factories, laundries and institutions.


Mark Boozer, President of Hydronic Systems, Inc., is excited about the growing opportunities with Marlo, Inc. “Marlo adds an important element to our engineered plumbing product lineup by helping us to create more of a one-stop-shop for our customers.”

In addition to establishing a partnership with Marlo, Inc. Boozer is excited about adding Miller Leaman to Hydronic Systems’ lineup.  Located in Daytona Beach, Fla., Miller Leaman was founded in 1991 by Bill Miller, Marty Shuster and Robert Leaman. The manufacturer offers a patented line of three unique stainless steel liquid filter/strainer products, commonly known as the Thompson Filter/Strainer, the Helix Screen/Disc Series and the TurboDisk filter, along with many custom filtration systems to meet the needs of customers.

Miller Leam

“Miller Leaman is an extremely interesting product. Its patented line of filter and strainer products will help us be able to offer a more complete line of condenser and water filtration products to our customers.” said Boozer. “We are very pleased with the addition of both Marlo and Miller Leaman to our line of manufacturers. When we were in Chicago at the AHR Expo both of these manufacturers caught our eye as quality companies that would be great additions to the Hydronics family. Both will add great synergy to our current products.”

For more information on Marlo, Inc., Miller Leaman or any other manufacturers Hydronic Systems represents, please contact the OKC office at 405.528.7867, Tulsa Office at 918.382.6978 or our Arkansas office at 479.310.5404.