Stellar Construction Inc, located in Oklahoma City, has been working tirelessly to complete Hydronic Systems building expansion.  With the walls being delivered March 3rd, Mark Carmouche is expecting the exterior walls to be up in the next ten days.

“So far, the 3,000 sq. ft. expansion is approximately forty percent complete.  There have been some weather delays, but this is Oklahoma so we expected that,” said Mark Boozer, president of Hydronic Systems, “Our projected completion date is April 10th and we couldn’t be more excited.”

To date the grading, site preparation, service dock, retaining wall, building slab and Rehau radiant flooring construction have been completed.

Expansion Update - Radient Flooring

Rehau 02 Barrier Pex Pipe used for Radient Heating Hydronic Systems Expansion

HSI Loading Dock

Hydronic Systems Loading Dock and Barrier Wall

Hydronic Systems Foundation

Hydronic Systems Foundation