Ricardo Ramberansingh, National Marketing Manager from Camus Hydronics, Ltd., blew into Oklahoma with one of our latest winter storms. Coming from Ontario, Canada. Ricardo didn’t get the opportunity to experience the warmer temperatures one would expect here but he did bring his expertise on how to keep us warm during the cold blasts. Sitting and talking with Ricardo led to some good conversation about the innovative design and leading edge technology of the boilers they manufacture as well as their business philosophy.

Camus is the manufacturer of an extensive line of gas-fired, high-efficiency stainless steel and copper tube heating boilers and water heaters. Camus offers a wide range of products with to suit most boiler room applications. The Camus team prides itself on manufacturing products that make sense to design engineers, contractors and end users. Most Camus condensing boilers come with built in condensate neutralizers and vent connectors. Some even come with pumps. Most of their boilers and water heaters are equipped with Honeywell SOLA controllers in various configurations and include outdoor reset as a standard feature and the daisy chaining of up to 8 boilers.

Their Dynaflame and Dynaforce lines are some of Camus’s most popular products. The DynaFlame series of boilers range from 500 MBH up to 6 million MBH with turndown ratios of either 5:1 for condensing Cat IV or 3:1 for the non-condensing Cat I. The DynaForce series is a fully condensing boiler with a complete stainless steel heat exchanger modulating at a 5:1 turndown and equipped with Honeywell Sola. The DynaForce models range in size from 300MBH to 5million MBH all models modulate at 5:1 turndown ratios and have built in condensate neutralizers. Both DynaForce and DynaFlame boilers and water heaters come with a 10 year undepreciated heat exchanger warranty. As well both boilers with smaller footprints and can easily fit through most boiler room doors. Both boilers have extremely low NOX.

When you purchase a Camus boiler it comes with the support of more than 100 years of combined experience in the design application and manufacturing expertise. “We are a privately owned company with a tight knit group of product managers and engineers who have worked closely together for many years. Camus unlike many of their competitors goes to market with a different philosophy. You cannot buy Camus boiler over the counter at most supply houses. At Camus we rely on the expertise of our representatives who are experts in their own markets to support our products and their applications,” said Ramberansingh.

Hydronic Systems and Camus have had a successful working relationship for a number of years both companies share the same philosophy that the” boiler industry is a 24/7 obligation.” “If it’s after 5 or a weekend and a boiler fails, it is important for our customers to know that they can count on their Camus rep for support,” Ricardo added.

For more information on Camus boilers, call Hydronic Systems in Oklahoma City at (405) 528-7867, in Tulsa at (918) 382-6978 and in Arkansas at (479) 310-5404.