New Retrofit Application puts HVAC Replacement Solutions at Your Fingertips

Are you in need of a solution for a broken linkage, leaky hydraulic actuator, non-functioning electric or pneumatic actuator? Do you have a need for replacing a non-functioning application within a day or so? Try the Belimo Retrofit App which provides air and water retrofit application solutions, with direct coupled or remote access linkages, and energy efficient actuators.

Belimo Retrofit App allows you to quickly and easily find HVAC replacement solutions for valves and actuators. Valves and actuators are responsible for ensuring reliable functioning hydronic and air control HVAC systems all over the world. With innovative technology, verified quality and easy handling during installations and operation, they boost the performance and efficiency of integrated building technology.

Retrofit Solutions

  • Effective retrofit solutions for valves and damper actuators.
  • Quickly and easily, conveniently up fitted without any interruption in service.
  • Cutting-edge technology offering quality and reliability for your entire system.
  • Simple way to implement Belimo actuators in existing buildings whether electronic or pneumatic.
  • Custom designs providing cost effective linkage solutions.

The app is FREE and can be downloaded in the iTunes store and works on iPads.  Download it on your iPad now.