As a manufacturer focusing on energy optimization, environmental protection and food production through technological leadership in heat transfer, separation and fluid handling, Alfa Laval has announced the availability of the Alfa Laval Unique Control LKB.  It brings to the market reliable simplicity with its innovative automation unit that has built-in valve actuator as an option for Alfa Laval butterfly valves.

Alfa Laval’s wide range of superior valve and automation solutions offer optimal flow through your processes. Their intelligent reliability ensures uninterrupted and efficient process management. Now they have taken solutions to the next level.

Welcome to reliable simplicity The Alfa Laval Unique Control LKB ­ an innovative automation unit with a built-­in valve actuator ­ is now available as an option for Alfa Laval butterfly valves. A unique air spring design has replaced the traditional mechanical actuator spring and delivers outstanding reliability and durability.

The new mechanism also gives a flexible unit that can easily be changed from normally open to normally closed.

Alfa Laval

Unique Control LKB masters its environment by monitoring air pressure in the system. The control unit’s precise surveillance capabilities ensure a smooth operation with good process economy, eliminating costly process interruptions due to unreliable alarms.

Even more features:

  • Maintenance free, but serviceable
  • One actuator covers all valve sizes in the range
  • Integrated automation with 360° visible indication
  • Efficient process consistency through air surveillance
  • Easy installation and self­-configuration through Push n’ Play

For more information, read more about the Alfa Laval Unique Control LKB or call Hydronic Systems in Oklahoma City at (405) 528-7867, in Tulsa at (918) 382-6978 and in Arkansas at (479) 310-5404.