To provide for maximum plant heating performance AERCO is launching the AM Series Cascade Sequencer. The control system is designed as a simple tool to maximize the performance of a bank of AM boilers or water heaters. The Cascade Sequencer is designed specifically to work with the AM Series control system.

Up to eight units can be connected to one sequencer panel with one unit set to operate as the master. Up to seven units can be dependent on the master unit.  The Cascade Sequencer automatically rotates lead-lag boilers to balance run hours and cycles to maximize the lifetime of AM Series boilers and water heaters. Additionally, the sequencer panel can operate as a hydronic heating loop with Domestic Hot Water Priority on an indirect storage tank or heat exchanger.

Installation is a breeze with two wires connecting from the sequencer to the master boiler or water heater.  All dependent units are connected via daisy-chain to the next unit over.  The small footprint – just over 5” x 5” and less than 1” thick – means the sequencer can be mounted almost anywhere.

The AM Series Cascade Sequencer, AM Series control system and AM Series Water Heaters and Boilers are available for purchase through Hydronic Systems.

To learn more about the AM Series Cascade Sequencer, follow the links below to the AERCO website.



If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the AM Series Cascade Sequencer please call Hydronic Systems at 405.528.7867 (OKC), 918.382.6978 (Tulsa), or 479.310.5404 (Arkansas).

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