Hydronic Systems is proud to announce that Addison has officially launched its new Semi-Custom Rooftop Unit, the PR-Series. Addison is a leading manufacturer of cooling, heating and dehumidification equipment. As a representative of Addison products, Hydronic Systems is equally excited to announce this expansion in product line to our customers.

Our sales team is looking forward to working with engineers to explain how the improved features will more effectively meet the needs of their designs. “There are several new features on this new unit that was missing on previous models. The PR series offers a broader range of options and features. Engineers now have more flexibility in the design phase and now can better customize the units to fit the end-user needs,” says Rick Simon, Sales Engineer for Hydronic Systems.

The PR-Series will offer all of the options you have come to expect from Addison rooftop units as well as some improvement features, such as:

  • Increased cooling and heating capacity
  • R13 cabinet insulation
  • Direct drive supply and exhaust fans
  • True final filter design ( not mounted in the roof curb )
  • Horizontal supply and horizontal exhaust options
  • Multiple cabinet sizes to specifically meet customer design requirements

To offer the latest information about the new product line, Addison is continually updating its website. Current details about the PR-Series can be found on the Products Page.

Price sheets will be released soon but in the meantime quotes are being offered on a case-by-case basis.If you have a job that requires the features and benefits of the new PR-Series, please contact Hydronic Systems at (405) 528-7867 in Oklahoma City (918) 382-6978 in Tulsa or (479) 310-5404 in Arkansas, or visit the following links for brochures.http://ow.ly/yRTwi  or  www.addison-hvac.com